Karl Barth and the Incarnation (Book)

Karl Barth and the Incarnation
Christology and the Humility of God

Darren O. Sumner

Published By: Bloomsbury / T&T Clark
Date: November 2014
ISBN: 978-0567655288

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This work demonstrates the significance of Karl Barth’s Christology by examining it in the context of his orientation toward the classical tradition — an orientation that was both critical and sympathetic. To compare this Christology with the doctrine’s history, Sumner suggests first that the Chalcedonian portrait of the incarnation is conceptually vulnerable at a number of points. By recasting the doctrine in actualist terms — the history of Jesus’ lived existence as God’s fulfillment of His covenant with creatures, rather than a metaphysical uniting of natures — Barth is able to move beyond problems inherent in the tradition.

Despite a number of formal and material differences, however, Barth’s position coheres with the intent of the ancient councils and ought to be judged as orthodox. Barth’s great contribution to Christology is in the unapologetic affirmation of “the humanity of God.”

Table of Contents:
1. The Identity Problem: Tensions in the Christological Tradition
2. Barth’s Response to Logos Christology
3. Barth’s Positive Doctrine of Christ
4. Barth and the Question of ‘Chalcedonianism’
5. Barth’s Christology and the Challenge of Incarnation


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Advancing Trinitarian TheologyAdvancing Trinitarian Theology: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics
ed. Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders

Published By: Zondervan
Date: November 2014
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This is a collection of nine essays presented at the 2014 Los Angeles Theology Conference. I contributed the essay titled “Obedience and Subordination in Karl Barth’s Trinitarian Theology.”

Galatians and Christian TheologyGalatians and Christian Theology
ed. Mark Elliot, Scott Hafemann, N.T. Wright, and John Frederick

Published By: Baker Academic
Date: September 2014
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This volume collects essays presented at the 2012 conference on Galatians and theology at the University of St. Andrews. I contributed the essay titled “Karl Barth and ‘The Fullness of Time’: Eternity and Divine Intent in the Epistle to the Galatians.”

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