Coming Summer 2014: Galatians and Christian Theology

galatians-and-christian-theologyI was privileged to be able to participate in the most recent conference at the University of St Andrews on Scripture and theology, sponsored by the Institute for Bible, Theology, and Hermeneutics. This event, held in July 2012, engaged the epistle to the Galatians. These conferences take place every three years, with the proceedings published in a volume of collected essays. Past installments have included Genesis, Hebrews, and the Gospel of John.

The details and cover image for the conference volume Galatians and Christian Theology are available now, and you can head over to Amazon to pre-order the book. Mark Elliot, Scott Hafemann, N.T. Wright, and John Frederick serve as editors.

The marquee contributors include John Barclay, Beverly Gaventa, Richard Hays, Bruce McCormack, and Oliver O’Donovan — but you can also find essays from a number of short paper contributors, including myself. My essay is titled “Karl Barth and ‘the Fullness of Time’: Eternity and Divine Intent in the Epistle to the Galatians,” and covers pretty much what the title says. In the essay I take Galatians 4:4f as a starting point, and run through Barth’s notion of eternity on the way to an account of the incarnation as God’s gracious manner of relating to creatures in both God’s time and given, creaturely time.

Baker Academic has taken over publishing from Eerdmans. Amazon lists July 15, 2014, as the official release date.

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