San Francisco-Bound: AAR/SBL and ETS 2011

I have some personal updates cooking for the upcoming weeks, but for the time being I am preparing to head from rainy Aberdeen to sunny San Francisco in a week’s time.  That’s the venue for this year’s major guild conferences in religion and theology: AAR and SBL (ah, together again), and ETS.

I won’t be delivering any papers this month, but I will be supporting several of my friends and peers from Aberdeen and Princeton.  I’m still putting together a list of sessions I hope to make it to, but the highlights so far should include:

ETS (Thrs. AM): “Models of God” panel on the eternal generation of the Son.  My friend Josh Malone is presenting, along with Torrance scholar Myk Habets, who I’ve been wanting to meet.

AAR (Sun., 5:00-6:30pm): One of the sessions for the Christian Systematic Theology Group will focus on the Christology of Hans Urs von Balthasar.

The Karl Barth Society will meet a couple of times at AAR/SBL.  Saturday morning’s session is a panel discussion of Paul Molnar’s book on T.F. Torrance, including Gary Deddo, Ivor Davidson and Alan Torrance, with a response from Molnar.

If you are interested in learning about studies in Aberdeen (or Scotland in general), I also hope to stop by the Scottish Universities Reception (Sunday, 9:00-11:00pm).  I’d love to talk with you about my experience living and studying in the Shire.

I’m also looking to meet as many folk as possible — studying in Scotland does make it tough to do any sort of professional networking with faculty and peers at U.S. schools.  So whether you are a student or faculty (or other), and whether you are hiring bright-eyed historical theologians or not, please do grab me and say hello if you happen to recognize me.


2 thoughts on “San Francisco-Bound: AAR/SBL and ETS 2011

  1. Hey, don’t forget there are not one but TWO sessions at ETS on Torrance that you desperately want to attend, particularly the one Thurs pm on Torrance’s theological method featuring three Aberdonians and Myk Habets with Paul Molnar responding!

  2. Adam, those panels go without saying! I’ve just spent more time perusing the AAR program book so far. I trust you are prepared to Wow all of us in attendance …

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