Bruce McCormack’s Kantzer Lecture Series

Just a quick update to point you to the 2011 Kenneth Kantzer Lectures, which begin today. This is the third and final series in a trilogy by Bruce L. McCormack, Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

The seven lectures will run from Tuesday, September 27 through Tuesday, October 4, 2011, with the title “The God Who Graciously Elects: Seven Lectures on the Doctrine of God.”  Visit the Henry Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for more info and — here’s the important part for you and me, living outside of Illinois — a live Web stream.

This important series follows on McCormack’s 2007/08 T.F. Torrance Lectures in St. Andrews (on “The Humility of the Eternal Son: A Reformed Version of Kenotic Christology” — blogged by St. Andrews’ Professor Steve Holmes), and the 2011 Croall Lectures at the University of Edinburgh (“Abandoned by God: The Death of Christ in Systematic, Historical, and Exegetical Perspective”).  I’ve blogged through that second lecture series, which I was fortunate enough to attend, here.

The theology community is greatly anticipating the eventual publication of these lecture series in three volumes, which Professor McCormack will hopefully be able to work on in 2012 now that the trilogy is nearly complete.


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