Thank you for finding my site!  A brief word is in order about the nature of this site (which you can reach again via the easy to remember address of DarrenSumner.com):

  • This site IS about my professional career. I am currently finishing writing my doctoral thesis in systematic theology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, under the supervision of John Webster.  You can find my complete CV here.
  • This site IS NOT a typical theology blog, though I certainly welcome comments and interaction with what I publish here.  Posts will be more on the order of conferences I am attending, papers I am giving, and material I am publishing.
  • This site IS especially for you if you are an employer looking to hire a budding young historical theologian with specialties in the history of Christology, Reformed theology, and Karl Barth.
  • This site IS NOT the most exciting new spot on the Internet for theological discourse with Aberdeen theology students.  That would be Out of Bounds, where I blog with several of my colleagues.  Please pay us a visit there for some conversation on Scripture, doctrine, church history, church practice, and all points in between.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or just drop a note to introduce yourself and say hello.


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