Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference: The Doctrine of Sanctification

I’m lining up travel plans for this year’s Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference at New College (29 August to 1 September), sponsored by Rutherford House.  This is a bi-annual conference tackling a major historical doctrine from a rigorously theological set of perspectives.  This year’s topic is the doctrine of sanctification, and (thanks to my current PhD residency in Scotland) the first of these I’ll get to attend.

Plenary lectures this year will include:

  • Oliver O’Donovan (Edinburgh): “Sanctification and Ethics”
  • Bruce McCormack (Princeton Seminary): “Sanctification After Metaphysics: Karl Barth in Conversation with John Wesley’s Conception of ‘Christian Perfection'”
  • Ivor Davidson (St Andrews): “Gospel Holiness”
  • Kelly Kapic (Covenant College): “‘An Alignment to Cry’: Suffering and Sanctification”
  • Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary, Calif.): “‘Let the earth bring Forth’: The Spirit of Holiness and Human Agency”
  • Rick Lints (Gordon-Conwell): “Living by Faith – Alone? Reformed Responses to Antinomianism”
  • Henri Blocher: “Sanctification by Faith?”
  • Julie Canlis (PhD, St Andrews) & Grant Macaskill (St Andrews): “Union with Christ”

There will also be several sessions of concurrent short papers, including a paper by Yours Truly.  The title of that still-to-be-written opus is:  “Jesus Christ’s Fallen and Glorified Nature As The Pattern For Christian Sanctification.”  I’ll post the abstract and perhaps a preview here around conference time.


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